Will ISTM Live 2021 still take place in Grindelwald?

Unfortunately we have been forced to announce that we are no longer able to run the physical, 2021 edition of ISTM 2021. 

Can I still take part in ISTM 2021 Online Appointments?

Absolutely! ISTM Online Appointments will take place from March 8th - 9th 2021. We have an excellent online platform making it easy to join ISTM and connect with old and new colleagues in the b2b ski travel industry. Hit the 'Apply as a buyer' or 'Apply as an exhibitor' buttons to get in touch for more information. 

When and where is ISTM 2022 taking place?
We are super happy to announce that ISTM 2022 will take place from 13th - 15th March 2022 in Grindelwald, Switzerland. We can't wait to get everybody together as we re-build, re-model and develop our industry together. Ping us an email on the details below for more information or to arrange a chat. 

How will ISTM Online Appointments work?
We will continue to use our unique pre-scheduled appointment system, giving all delegates the opportunity to
select their appointment preferences before matching them all up and creating a diary of appointments for each delegate.

We will then enter each delegates pre-scheduled appointment diary into the online platform we are using called Swapcard. Each delegate will also be given a profile and will have access to they system to update this and see their appointment schedule.


When the online event starts, delegates will log in to their profiles and taking each meeting will be as easy as the click of a button.  

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