Thank you for your interest in attending ISTM 2018 in Grindelwald as an Exhibitor.

There are no hidden costs. Our aim is to keep things simple, saving you the time and trouble.

The exhibitor package includes 1 tabletop, 1 badge and 1 diary of up to 28 pre-arranged appointments with our Buyers.
Extra badges can be ordered at a cost of €350 + VAT. This is for a badge and not for an extra set of appointments.

Lunches, drinks and snacks are also included for both days of meetings, as well as dinner on the Monday evening. 

If you would like to purchase one or multiple tables, the following rates apply (multiple rates may apply where a resort is represented by more than one table):

1 table = €3,000 per table
2 tables = €2,500 per table
3 tables = €2,350 per table
4 tables + = €2,250 per table

Please complete the information below and we will contact you to discuss your participation.

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