PRE-SCHEDULED APPOINTMENTS (PSAS) are The key feature of istm.

This consists of 28 set appointments that are pre-scheduled by buyers and exhibitors prior to the event. The appointments are matched based primarily on buyer preference. In addition to these, exhibitors can take advantage of open networking sessions. Take a look below for more information on the appointment setting process and key dates.

Step 1 - Appointment preferences

Exhibitors choose Buyers they would like to meet on a preference scale 1-40. At the same time buyers select exhibitors using the same scale.

February 13th 2017 →


STEP 3 - Your Diary is created

Your diary is closed and appointments are locked in. We will create your appointment diary in an easy to follow PDF document.

March 1st 2017 →

Step 2 - Preferences are matched

We close the appointment preferences and match up the selections of all buyers and exhibitors. The match is based on mutual and then buyer preferences.

February 28th 2017 →


STEP 4 - your final diary

We will send you your final diary of appointments in PDF format by email. You can then access this online and we'll have a copy for you when you arrive if you should need it.

March 6th 2017 →