preferences explained

A popular question for us at ISTM is, "How does the appointment system work?". So without going into too much technical detail around the programming and code used to make it all happen, we aim to let you know how and why the system works and why we ask you to complete the process in the way that we do.

The number of preferences

There are two reason why we ask all delegates to make a minimum of 40 appointment preferences and number them. Firstly, as we have a limited number of appointments available and no way of telling how many times each delegate will be requested, we ask you to number your preferences.

This gives us the ability to make sure each delegate has the best chance to meet with those most important to them. It is possible that some delegates may be selected more times than there are amounts of appointments, so by selecting a minimum 40, this allows more opportunity for matches and making the most of your time at the event. 


Secondly, we use the data collected to help guide us on how best to match buyers and suppliers  to analyse what type  

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matching the preferences

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